Want to grow your Apprenticeship Vacancies?

Do you want to grow your Apprenticeship Vacancies?

Organisations that aspire to be truly responsive to the needs of employers face a challenge in handling increasing numbers of Apprenticeship Vacancies and Candidates whilst controlling costs.  Qualifying and processing large numbers of Candidates is time consuming and resource hungry at a time when immense pressure is being placed on budgets across the Further Education & Skills Sector.

Organisations offering Apprenticeships and Traineeships need to do more with less.

This is where JustApply comes in!

JustApply offers FE Colleges, Universities and Private Training Providers their own customised and Branded Professional Recruitment Solution and Portal.

Your organisation can offer Employers the opportunity to create their own Vacancies online and Candidates can register their own details, upload or create their own CV, sector interests and apply for Vacancies with a single click.   JustApply can post vacancies to NAS, UJM, Facebook, Twitter, NGtU and many other Recruitment Portals in addition to your own website so the potential pool of candidates is much larger.

This frees up your teams to provide an improved service to employers and have all data stored in one easily accessible place.

Let us show you JustApply and discuss what it could do for your organisation


JA portal 2

 JustApply Portal

 JustApply can actually save money with ROI being realised in many cases in 3-6 months.

Providers that are using JustApply are able to advertise more vacancies and handle more applications than ever before, up to 300 vacancies per month with 3000 applications per month in some cases. These figures have been achieved without an increase in headcount!

The diagram below illustrates the scale of savings providers can expect to make using JustApply.

FERMs cost savings

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To see further details and to see JustApply in action, please call 0845 230 0447 or email info@focusonbusiness.co.uk

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