Have the ability to track users/organisations who visit your website or individuals who read your marketing leaflets.

Welcome to the world of ClickDimensions. ClickDimensions is a Marketing Automation Solution that adds Email Marketing, Web Tracking, Social Discovery, Lead Scoring, Campaign Tracking and Form Capture functionality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With ClickDimensions incorporated in Dynamics CRM you organisation will be able to
• Discover who is interested in your products and services
• Quantify your prospects’ level of interest
• Take the right actions at the right time
• Track your prospects from click to close

ClickDimensions encompasses 5 main areas of functionality
• Email Marketing
• Web Tracking
• Lead Scoring
• Campaign Tracking
• Form Capture

Email Marketing

ClickDimensions built-in email marketing capability enables creating, sending and tracking of great looking emails quick and easily. Send bulk email to marketing lists, send email to individuals directly (with single send option), or trigger emails to be sent by CRM workflow. All tracking comes back into CRM so the results are visible and actionable. Allowing you to view who has clicked on which link and how many times, also including how many opens the email has produced . ClickDimension feeds back soft and hard bounces enabling organisation to eliminate inactive emails addresses from new marketing campaigns.

Web Tracking

ClickDimensions allows organisations to know who is visiting their website and what interests them. With Web page tracking ClickDimensions will allow viewing of web activity from known visitors as well as anonymous visitors, whether they are individuals or organisations. ClickDimensions captures information about the visitor such as web browsing details, lead score (dependant on where they have clicked or what page they visit), social networking information and website form completion and capture of data. This data is captured in CRM as a Lead or a Contact therefore capturing all interactions.

Lead Scoring

As ClickDimensions tracks individual visitor activity on your web site, each visitor accumulates a score based on his or her number of visits, page views and more; providing some very important information just before you make that very important phone call.

Campaign Tracking

Emails, web visits, page views and form captures records can be linked to CRM campaign records; enabling tracking of all interest, traffic and/or conversions to specific web pages, landing pages or micro-sites.

Form Capture:

ClickDimensions makes it easy to integrate your web site’s existing forms into Microsoft Dynamics CRM not only are you able to create forms to integrate on your website from fields already in your database; Allowing capture of information directly into your CRM database. ClickDimension also allows capture of data from existing forms already integrated therefore eliminating the need to creating new forms. When a visitor completes a form, their email address is checked against all email addresses in CRM to avoid duplicate data.

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