Create and send great looking emails to generate increased commercial bookings and make the market aware of your special offerings and events.

All sent, open, clicks and bounce data is reported back into CRM to track Marketing response

Accessing ClickDimensions Email Templates
ClickDimensions can be accessed straight from your Microsoft Outlook via the tool bar on the left. Email templates can be accessed under marketing where you have the ability to create and edit templates.

Creating Email Templates
ClickDimensions accommodates all level of users. If you are not a coder and either do not know, or have any desire to know, how to use HTML, you can use the design view to create you template.

The design view has a Microsoft office feel, making it easy to navigate. You have the ability to add layout templates, images and texts to make it look and feel how you require. You are also able to import direct from Microsoft Word with a click of a button. You can also add hyperlinks to take your reader straight to your website.

Sending Bulk Email:
ClickDimensions permits the sending of both bulk and individual emails. You have the ability to choose an existing template or just enter text. The Email send can also be linked to a campaign.

ClickDimensions can send emails to marketing lists as well as individuals. Sending can be from the record holder in CRM or any other individual.

Before sending your marketing email, you can send to a test user, giving you the ability to refine the layout before it is sent out.

Email Marketing Statistics:
Once an email has been sent all responses will be tracked by ClickDimensions, allowing you to see who is interested and who is not.

ClickDimensions will track:

  • Performance
  • Engagement
  • Open Rate

Therefore giving you a better understanding of how your marketing campaigns are performing and what products and services your existing customers and prospects are viewing.

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