ClickDimensions will track your individual visitors’ web activities and accumulate a score based on visits, page views etc. Default values for pages can be set to allow you to gauge the importance of visitors based on their intent.

ClickDimensions scores all visitors, whether CRM leads, contacts or anonymous. This scoring can really help your sales team determine which leads to pursue.

Customize scores by page

ClickDimensions Lead ScoringObviously some pages are more important than others in determining what visitors are interested in. ClickDimensions allows you to customise the score for each page, so when a visitor visits a specifically targeted product page it can create a greater score than when a visitor (for instance) lands on your recruitment or about us page.

Set your own default score values

ClickDimensions allows you to set the default scoring values, based on what tracking events provide the most importance information to your organisation.

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