ClickDimensions provides the ability to easily create Surveys by using an intuitive drag and drop survey form designer. Surveys can be provided to recipients via email, web or ClickDimensions link and the resultant data recorded against the party’s record in CRM. Anonymous visitors are able to complete surveys via the web.

The Simple Survey Creation Process
Firstly create the questions and then drag them onto the page. Personalise your survey by adding a Header, Footer and completion message. This is easily achieved using ClickDimensions user simple and user friendly, Drag and Drop designer.

Configure Flexible Questions

Provide different options for users to complete the survey from ratings scale, list, single-select or multi-select buttons or text.

Customise your Survey Page
Customise the survey look and feel by using the “what you see is what you get” editor to create the header and footer. Configure a personalised confirmation text for the respondent to see when the survey has been completed.

Easily Automate Processes based on Survey Responses

Set up automated processes based on survey responses. For example set up workflows to notify teams when a respondent rates a service below a certain threshold.


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