Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 helps you analyse market trends, redefine sales performance and create customer loyalty whilst offering full integration with Microsoft Outlook. It will provide a rapid return on investment and help keep costs down with efficient manageability. Customers can choose to deploy the system on-line or on-premise and are able to move between these deployment options.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 offers a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) with functionality empowering users to enhance the efficiency of existing business processes.

CRM can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organising and automating business processes that nurture customer relationships and satisfaction across all interactions—marketing, sales, and customer service. CRM solutions can deliver return on investment (ROI) through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.

We also offer mobile CRM apps and platforms that enable you to manage your customer relationships on your mobile devices, along with tools that integrate data and reporting from social media directly into your CRM application.

Microsoft CRM allows employees from different departments to work from the same real time data, improving consistency of the service offered to the client base.

Like most CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is divided into three main sections: salesmarketing and customer service. Each module shares the same database whilst providing users in different job roles with functionality relevant to their position.

The sales module gives users the tools to successfully manage every stage of the sales process, from the initial lead through to lead tracking and analysis. The marketing automation facilitates every aspect of campaign management and mass communications including direct mail, telemarketing, e-mail and social media. Linked to the sales module, it enables sales representatives to react quickly to leads generated from marketing campaigns. The customer service module acts as a central repository for all client information, enquiries and service history, allowing customer service representatives to provide a more consistent service supporting customer retention.

Dynamics CRM not only slips right into your users’ business lives without disruption, it also adapts easily to your existing business workflows and processes. You can quickly modify forms, data fields, and relationships and add new activities and objects without writing a single line of code. This makes it easy to tailor Microsoft CRM to suit your needs and fit your business like a glove. You’ll also find a number of elegant workflow innovations that speed use, including dialog next-step suggestions and automatic task assignment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to add CRM capabilities to any organisation that uses Microsoft Office or Outlook. Because it was designed to partner with Outlook, Microsoft CRM delivers lower training costs, broader user adoption, less application-switching, higher productivity, and an incredibly rapid return on investment. Microsoft CRM can give your employees direct access to customer information through Microsoft Outlook, enabling access to the information they need when they need it, in the office or on the road. Microsoft CRM lets you work the way you want to work with features such as:

  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook, allowing employees to easily pull information from Microsoft CRM into Office applications such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software and Word.
  • Quick and easy access to your data through context-sensitive information for populating forms or taking next steps without changing screens.
  • Customized workspaces that allow users to create, save, and reuse favourite views of customer data without the distraction of unneeded information.
  • Great mobile client that allows field workers to get instant access to customer data from any personal digital assistant (PDA), laptop, or browser.


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