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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 provides new and enhanced features that help you to increase your organisation’s effectiveness and productivity. Some of the main features for CRM 2016 include:

Interactive Service Hub

CRM 2016 introduces a new online user experience (UX) design that provides a modern and intuitive end user experience for customer service roles. Users can view their current workload and interact with records through a real-time dashboard.


Interactive Service Hub


With this new roll based experience, cases can be updated directly from the dashboard simply by selecting the case and the relevant action.




Case Enhancements

Case management simplified and better than ever! Case details can now be saved directly on a case record and users can now apply routing rules just by clicking the Save & Route button.




Knowledge Management Capabilities

The new knowledge base article designer enables organisation to create a single source of knowledge for the whole organisation; it features an enhanced WYSIWYG editor and allows for embedding videos and images. Articles can easily be scheduled to publish or expire for a set date. Knowledge can be enabled on any entity and over 80 languages are now supported. Gives a better understanding of how information is being used by sharing and analyzing articles with external or internal users.




Word Templates

You can now standardize common CRM data-generated documents. Word templates can be initiated from any form or automated through a workflow. Extract data from CRM into a standardized word document with ease and create custom templates or leverage existing word templates from Microsoft!




Excel Templates

New Excel templates gives you the option of using a Microsoft Dynamics provided template or create your own reusable templates to quickly analyse data your way. With the CRM Mobile Application, you can also export to Excel directly from a tablet or mobile device.




Excel Integration

To help increase productivity, Microsoft is providing the ability for data to be analysed in Excel, directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This eliminates the time and effort required to switch between applications in the middle of completing a business process. Users can now view sales data in familiar Excel templates, perform what-if analysis, and upload the changes, all while maintaining the work context.


Excell Integration


Filtered Note Control

Navigate the note control on CRM records to select phone calls, appointments, emails, tasks and other entries easier than ever by using a new activity filter.


Filtered Note Control



Unique to each user, Delve proactively surfaces trending and relevant content in CRM to help you find relevant information more quickly, again, with the aim of increasing productivity.  Delve looks for connections as to what the user is working on, common groups or teams, and identifies documents that may be relevant. Users can view trending documents of their interest from a dashboard or Office 365.




Consolidated View of Documents in CRM

Display any Office document file from OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, or Office 365 groups directly in CRM. Documents will remain private until the user decides to share.




These same documents can be viewed or modified directly from a tablet or mobile device by using the CRM Mobile App.




CRM App for Outlook

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook makes it easy to track emails, add contacts from within an email or even create new records to track emails against the browser on PC, Mac or mobile browser on phone.

The CRM App for Outlook will expand support to include Firefox, Safari for Mac and Outlook for Mac in addition to the currently supported IE and Chrome.  A particular feature is that users will be able to track an email while composing it.


CRM for Outlook App


Enhanced Mobile Experience

Users will be able to enjoy the full and seamless offline experience via mobile apps, so you are no longer reliant on connectivity! This includes creating, editing and deleting records, which can then be synced when a connection is found. This could be particularly helpful for sales teams that want to be able to access and use CRM when they cannot find a connection. This will only be available for CRM Online customers.


Mobile Offline Support


Users will be able to open any documents within the CRM mobile app to enjoy an immersive experience and avoid having to navigate through different applications. Combined with the document integrations with SharePoint and OneDrive this means users can enjoy a single mobile experience by viewing their documents in CRM and simply click back to return to where they were.




Mobile Security

CRM 2016 offers further extensions with Microsoft Intune Integration to enable organisations to secure their data instances whilst accessing CRM on their mobile device.  It enables users to separate their personal and business data.


New Mobile UI Controls

Optimise CRM forms for mobile apps by using new mobile UI controls including sliders, calendar control and other interactive features.


New Mobile UI Controls


Voice of the Customer Surveys

CRM 2016 introduces a new survey tool that enables questionnaires and other feedback forms to be distributed from CRM to collect customer ratings, opinions and views.

Automated actions can be triggered through connected workflows once a survey is completed.  This can include sending automated messages such as an auto-response, scheduling an activity or alerting an account manager.

Each survey response is linked back to the individual contact record in CRM and can be aggregated to analyse the survey results.

Voice of the Customer Surveys


FieldOne Sky

Following its recent acquisition of Field One, Microsoft has wasted no time in bringing its field service management capabilities into Dynamics CRM.


FieldOne Sky1

Field One helps organisations improve service delivery by focusing on the scheduling of work orders for field based personnel through its scheduling engine and schedule board.

FieldOne Sky2

Leveraging existing service capabilities, FieldOne Sky enhances CRM with new entities and adds an intelligent scheduling service for calculating and optimizing work orders making it an ideal solution for any company that is searching for better scheduling and field service tools.

FieldOne Sky adds further CRM capabilities for asset management, procurement management, and agreement tracking.

FieldOne Sky3


New CRM Search Option

See a single list view of results sorted by relevance across multiple entities.  The legacy Quick Find search will remain available renamed as Categorized Search.


New CRM Search Option


Cortana integration

Cortana integration is being extended, previously only being able to search for records and to create contacts and meetings. Now Cortana integration will embed sales activities, accounts and opportunities too. Please note, this will be a Preview feature for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only.



The enhanced features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 offer new levels of user productivity and collaboration. These features help you meet your specific business needs with a low total cost of ownership. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 delivers familiar, intelligent, and connected experiences to increase the productivity and effectiveness of people inside and outside your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 unlocks new opportunities and provides a single development environment for cloud-based and on-premise deployments. Partners, including independent software vendors, global system integrators, and value-added resellers, can quickly create, package, and distribute Microsoft Dynamics CRM extensions and custom solutions.

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