Filtered Views in Dynamics CRM

Filtered Views in Dynamics CRM

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM it is easy to create filtered views. This reduces the need to create Advance Finds and provides a more efficient way to create sets of data that can be used pro-actively

For this example we are going to use Active Contacts. We first need to select the filter icon next to the search entry box on the right and click add filter. This brings up a view of some key fields.

This can be expanded to see all the fields within the specific record type by clicking on “More” at the bottom of this list. In the case below we are assuming that you are aiming to contact prospects that have a specific Job Title.

By clicking on the Job Title field within the list a Custom Filter Box will appear, where you are able to set the parameter of the filter.

You select a specific Operator and your view will be created with contacts that have the specified job title.

For the example below this shows all contacts with the job title manager.

Filtering filters
A good tip when running filters is to be less specific with the first run of data. This is particularly useful when cleansing data. Often data will have been created with some errors and to cover this it is wise to start with a less specific search. Allow for spelling errors, abbreviations etc and search using a parameter that for example allows for data containing words or combinations of words rather than equals.

In the above example if any of the contacts had a prefix or suffix to the word Manager in the Job Title it would have missed them because we have used a search of Job Title: Equals “ Manager”. If we had used a search stating Job Title: Contains “Manager” it would have picked up Managers of different departments within Organisations.

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