Integrating Microsoft CRM with the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) Portal

Integrating Microsoft CRM with the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) Portal

Unique integration of Microsoft CRM with the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) Portal enables Further Education Colleges to improve efficiency and reduce

Focus on Business has developed the FERMs system, which is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, over the last five years, working closely with more than thirty FE Colleges.

The FERMs CRM system provides Colleges with unique functionality that enables them to collaborate more effectively with employers and apprenticeship candidates, linking processes and removing the need for repeated manual data entry. College users are able to engage more effectively with Employers, working with them to efficiently provide filtered applicants to vacancies quickly and at the same time creating and maintaining ongoing relationships between both employers and apprentice applicants.

Before the direct integration with NAS Portal was available Colleges would have to complete paper applications with both employers and candidates and then enter the information into the NAS portal manually as well as their own CRM system. FERMs integration with the NAS Portal speeds up matching of candidates to vacancies and simplifies the invitation to interview process.  The ability to share this  information, increases the chances of employers finding candidates with relevant backgrounds and skills and removes a lot of rekeying of information for the college, candidates and employers.

Employers working with a College that uses the FERMs system can create vacancies themselves or with the assistance of their College representative on a simple easy to use web form, designed to match the NAS template. Once a vacancy has been agreed it can be posted directly onto the NAS Portal with one click. Applicants using the NAS Portal can register their interest in a vacancy in the normal way and  this interest is automatically entered into FERMs against the applicant record and the vacancy.

In addition to the new NAS Portal integration which is unique to FERMs, the Recruitment & Apprenticeship (R&A) Management System from Focus on Business enables Colleges to post vacancies to their own web site, the Job Centre, social networks and several hundred other job portals.

Other benefits include:

  • Re-usable data – Applicants can be advised to apply for other suitable vacancies,
  • Tools and workflows to simplify the management of the interview process,
  • Search and filter tools to better match candidates and find vacancies, based on postcode, qualifications and skills,
  • Sharing of vacancy and candidate data with all stakeholders

The key focus of the system is to help Colleges be successful in this new recruitment space, be more efficient and cost effective, whilst also improving the experience for both employers and apprentice candidates.

The process improvements that FERMs R&A can offer are measurable. Click on this link to view the potential savings that can be made


If you would like to find out more about FERMs or integrating your Microsoft CRM system with the NAS Portal, please contact Focus on Business Ltd on  0845 230 0447 or
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