At Focus on Business we strongly believe consultation is the key to understanding your needs. It allows us to work together to form an effective partnership, where we can help you from the beginning to the end. It will help us understand your business processes and enable us to offer you advice and solutions you can be confident, that will provide an outcome, that will not only meet your expectations but will also provide competitive edge in this tough economical environment.

Step 1

The start of building the relationship is achieved by having a conversation with one of our pre-sales consultants to discuss your requirements.
Step 2

We will provide an outline priced proposal to help scope a solution.
Step 3

On acceptance of our proposal our consultant(s) will do a Business/Workflow analysis to scope the project.
Step 4

We agree the scoping; create a project plan, detailing resources and timescales.
Step 5

We implement the solution; provide training & support and reviewing of the solution.

Services List


Every business is different in its own ways. You will have your own specific needs and requirements for your system. We will interpret those requirements, create a specification and tailor the system to match them.

Data Migration and Integration

We understand the importance of Data. We know how much time and effort has been put into creating it.
We can assist you in helping to ensure any data that is going into your new system is clean and de-duplicated. We will work with you to plan the process of migration and ensure that disruption to your employees is kept to a minimum.

In scenarios where the use of live data is required, we offer ‘out of hours’ data migration. This can take place at evenings, weekends or during public holidays.

Integration is handled by The Focus Integration Toolkit. This is custom designed to handle rule based integration between one or more systems and Dynamics CRM.


We aim to deliver a fully functioning error free system. We know the importance of software testing and we understand how important software quality assurance is. We go through a vigorous testing program to ensure that the system we provide you with is fully functional and error free.
All systems are created so that clients are able to test and review their new system prior to it being applied in a live environment. We work with you and your user team to clear any bugs through scripted User Acceptance Testing Procedures.


We understand the importance of the working practises and procedures you have in place. We know how disruptive changes can be for users and how important it is that they are involved with design and process within the new system. By adopting a phased approach and involving different teams within your organisation we can ensure that the system we deliver is fit for purpose for users, teams and the overall organisation.

This iterative approach means that each user/team can feel involved and play a part in ensuring the system meets their needs.


If you are using an on-premise implementation the software will be installed on your Network and the configurations applied. Where appropriate we recommend a test/training instance where key users can check customisation as it occurs. All requisite PC’s, laptops and tablets/pads will be set up to enable links to MS Office, e-mail and any other areas that your new system integrates to. We provide customers with a checklist to ensure that your system is introduced correctly into your organisation’s IT infrastructure.


Training is a crucial part of any implementation. We recognise that it can be a tough and daunting time for any individual and ensure that it is tailored to suit all levels of users.
We aim to deliver top quality training with materials designed to help each user do their own job. Users are offered the opportunity to mark our trainers anonymously so we can ensure we maintain and improve our high standards.


Partnering with Focus on Business means that you can have the continued support of our team of dedicated staff to advise, and help you drive your system to realise your business goals.

Support can be delivered through an annual support contract. This can be customised to offer simple help to basic users through to Administrative support for Power/Administrator users.

In many instances you may want to make changes to your system. Providing you have the skills to do this the support contract can be invaluable in terms of ensuring that any changes you want to make can be first passed by our support desk who will advise you of:

a) Whether the changes you want are supported
b) Whether they may affect or impact adversely any other parts of the system
c) If you are doing it in the best way