Employer & Learner Engagement. Relationship & Recruitment Management

FEEES Foundation CRM FERMs is a system developed by Focus on Business in collaboration with UK College customers. It is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

It is designed so that Training Providers can use a system that will help them nurture relationships, increase revenue opportunities and cut down on processes. It is pro-active and designed to empower providers to leverage interaction with learners and employers and in so doing help them create and manage revenue opportunities appropriate for both.

If you would like to see an illustration of how much your organisation could save by using FERMs A&R click here

Create Data that can be shared

FERMs is designed to share data. Dynamics CRM integrates directly with Outlook. This means that information can be created in Outlook or CRM and shared with colleagues. Enquiries can be routed to specific departments, Quotes can be shared with Finance, and requests for information can be processed faster for a more efficient follow up.

Log and Track Enquiries

All enquiries that come in should be followed up. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons in many instances this doesn’t happen. A FERMs system ensures that all enquiries, wherever and however they come into the college can be stored in your CRM system.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Create Interactive Needs Analyses, Statement of Requirements, Quotes etc. using action point tasks, scheduled in Outlook for colleagues to provide information required by you for the customer before you send it to them. Orders, RFI’s (Request for Invoice) etc. can all be shared with the appropriate departments without keying in the same data over and over again.

Track Apprenticeship Vacancies and Applications

Ensure that applications for vacancies are profiled to match Learners to correct vacancies for Employers. Profile applicants so that they can be contacted when a vacancy matching their geographical location, age, aspirations, skills and qualifications becomes available.

Integration with The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS)

The FERMs A&R Solution integrates with the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) Website. It can also integrates with Job Centre Plus (UJM), Twitter, facebook, your College website and over 400 Using webforms from the CentreForm portal within FERMs A&R, users or Employers can create vacancies that can be loaded on both NAS and FERMs or any other CRM simultaneously. Alternatively, the vacancy can be logged within FERMs, edited and then submitted directly into NAS at the click of a button. Applicants applying on NAS are automatically tracked into FERMs A&R.

All applicant data is automatically logged in FERMs A&R. Copies of CV’s are stored and data from the CV is parsed to the applicant record. When new vacancies are created these can be matched to previously unsuccessful applicants skill sets and/or qualifications and a shortlist of appropriate candidates can be created. An invitation can then be sent by text, email or letter to suggest they may want to apply for the vacancy. These filtered lists can also be created using the Mapping Tool to shortlist applicants based on a radius search against postcodes.

Users can view vacancy/applications graphs and charts on the drill through dashboards.


Identify Further Training Opportunities

When a learner either completes or is near completion of a qualification, notify them of further training that may be of interest to them.

Manage and Escalate Complaints

Handle complaints and comments of any description through FERMs. Create Cases that can be profiled to ensure rule-based progression/escalation and completion.

Manage International Division Requirements

Manage the relationship life-cycle between Overseas Learners, Schools, Agents, accommodation etc.

Ensure Enquiries are forwarded to Appropriate Departments

Enquiries for all departments can be registered in FERMs and rules can be set as to how these are passed to individual users, teams or departments.

Create Rules using Workflows to Ensure SLA’s are met

Workflows can be used so checks can be put in place to ensure that these are answered within your SLA guidelines, with alerts going to managers if they fall, or are likely to fall, outside these.

Create Custom Quotes and Proposals

Create custom templates that match the type of quote, proposal or offer that you are sending to each type of customer.

One Button Printing of Documents or e-mails from Templates

Using custom templates ensures that all appropriate users are able to choose the documents they require and create them with one button click.

Create Pipeline Reports and Dashboards showing Funded and Employer Contributions

Quotes, Offers and Opportunities are captured in the system so that reports can be created showing funded and employer contribution values. These can be delivered as charts within a dashboard giving full visibility to users, departments and Senior Management.

Track what is successful, what isn’t…. and what might be

Reports will show where your college is being successful, where you are not gaining success and what courses you are getting enquiries for. This will help you adapt your offering to ensure that there is full use of resource and that future requirements can be catered for

Produce Customizable/Standard Reports and Documents

Reports can be easily produced by most users. This can be shared with other users and teams if appropriate. These can be generated in Excel or by using the CRM Report Wizard. More complex reports can be delivered using SSRS or other reporting tools that your college is familiar with.

Integrate with MIS and other Systems

Focus can offer an integration toolkit that will permit integration with all MIS systems. Tracking of the application to enrolment process can be monitored to prevent “slippage”. Workflows can be created to manage offering further training to learners completing courses.

Upload data from LARA and other Databases

The system is configured so that data from useful databases such as LARA can be imported.

Campaign Management

Handle Campaigns directly from the system. Either create simple, quick campaigns using an advanced find (filtered) lookup that identifies contacts or organisations with specific criteria and send or email them information. Alternatively create a fully costed campaign and work out the value proposition for your college. In either case enquiries/areas of interest can be tracked in the system to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Event Management

Create Events. Track bookings, speakers, breakouts etc.

Website Form Design, Data Capture and Integration

Create webforms and capture data directly into CRM.

Create Surveys and capture Data in CRM

Create surveys and publish those via email or on the web for capture in CRM*

Marketing Automation through Click Dimensions

Create and Track News Letters, Emails and Responses.

Link Web Site Interest in CRM

Create Web Tracking in CRM. Create Leads for new interest and score according to areas visited. Log areas of interest against Contact and/or Organizational records in CRM and create follow ups using Workflows.


If you would like to see FERMs in action please email sales@focusonbusiness.co.uk Alternatively to discuss your specific requirements please call us on

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